Managing Enterprise Output

Do you know how much your organisation spends on printing?

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A high percentage of businesses don’t realise how much they spend on print across the entire organisation, as many don’t have a central system that connects all their document output processes in one place.


As well as cost savings, organisations can achieve a host of often unanticipated. Centralised print management helps firms control costs, increase workflow and security, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Taking a holistic approach across the organisation brings greater visibility and control of high volume document production – even across a business in a variety of locations – at the same time enabling mobile workers to procure print centrally by allowing them to connect to the system remotely.

In addition to providing a single point of control to improve transparency and cost management, the Ricoh solution gives organisations the ability to:

  • Streamline business document workflow across the business

  • Accept input from any source or platform and deliver documents by print, email or via the web or mobile device

  • Intelligently route print jobs to the most suitable and economical output device

  • Provide sustainable measures around documents to reduce environmental impact of printing

  • Enable remote workers to access a central print procurement system

  • Minimise waste from documents that are no longer needed  by printing on demand

  • Raise staff productivity by redirecting complex office print jobs to the print room

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