Managing Enterprise Output

Do you know how much your organisation spends on printing?

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A high percentage of businesses don’t realise how much they spend on print across the entire organisation, as many don’t have a central system that connects all their document output processes in one place.


Connect, Centralise, Control

Organisations that connect their document processes and centralise all high volume print jobs produced in the office, print room, data centre or by external providers, can significantly reduce their document printing costs. 

Prompted by an increasing demand from senior managers for greater accountability, organisations are looking to Ricoh to help them save money across all printing and output processes.  By taking a much wider view of printing to include all enterprise output, Ricoh helps organisations reduce their production printing costs and streamline document production processes.

Ricoh helps companies to become highly responsive and deliver information to the right place, at the right time, in the right format and to do this in the most reliable, secure and cost effective way possible.  With Ricoh, organisations can take documents from any source and deliver them across a multitude of channels, including the web, email or mobile devices. 

Centralised print management helps reduce the number of pages that get printed every day or get thrown into the bin -  significantly reducing paper waste,
saving trees, water and greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the number of
printers used to handle day-to-day print jobs, can also reduce energy consumption.

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