Direct Mailer

The medium is the message.

Experience and expertise key to profitable direct marketing

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One-to-one, personalisation, variable data, customisation. Targeted, effective, integrated, impactful. The world of direct marketing and its language are familiar to Ricoh. As cross-media options proliferate, this environment will continue to become ever more complex and at the same time more rewarding. A partner that can support the drive for more business, more profit and greater productivity in this fast-paced market is an invaluable ally. Ricoh’s expertise and experience makes us the perfect choice.


Ricoh is guided by the principle of supporting its clients over the life of the relationship. This philosophy extends beyond market-leading levels of service and care. It is also represented by the Ricoh Business Driver Programme because we recognise that business development is central to the future of our direct mail printing clients’ businesses. With a web-based system rich in information, practical tools, advice and services, our clients have a resource to help improve skills and business performance.

Our aim is the profitable growth of our client’s business. After all, they will have invested in us; it’s only right we return the favour. That’s how, together, we forge and grow lasting and successful business relationships.

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