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Sharper competitive edge, faster time to invoice, easier administration.

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Ricoh’s range of innovative solutions can enhance every aspect of document environments, large or small. Solutions extend from cost-efficient document and content management to help with key business processes, intelligent remote device and usage monitoring, and integrated tools that help more easily manage and control document infrastructure.

Our goal is to add value by improving business productivity, workflow, mobility, cost control and security.

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Office Workflow

Office people clipboard
Document Governance

Simplify management, monitoring and control of your document infrastructure for maximised efficiency and significantly reduced costs.

Office woman looking at notes on window
Accounts Payable

Discover an electronic document management solution that helps capture, centrally process, approve and archive supplier invoices more cost-efficiently.

Woman on phone
Accounts Receivable; Archiving

Improve customer service with fast, centralised invoice archiving that is easily accessible and provides versions that exactly mirror those sent to customers.

Man and woman in a meeting.
Contract Management

Gain more control with document search and retrieval, with central electronic storage providing real-time access and greater security, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Woman standing at an office window holding a folder.
Customer Services

Gain instant, real-time access to essential documents and enhance customer services.

Black and white bar graph on paper.

Transform expenses management with fast, accurate electronic processing.

Office woman sitting sofa laptop
Fleet Records

Time-saving, electronic vehicle documentation storage for improved compliance.

Woman standing at an office window holding a folder.
Human Resource Records

Accelerate workflow and improve productivity with fast, accurate, confidential HR records management

Man sitting at a desk drawing plans.

Sharpen competitive edge, cut time to invoice, make administration more efficient.

Office woman using mobile device
Device Management

Enhance control of your fleet with integrated device monitoring and management tools.

Man in an office sitting at a computer.
Security Solutions

Protecting your information across the whole document lifecycle.

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    For companies with very large invoice volumes, learn more about I-Invoicing.


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