Human Resource Records

Real time access, real speed, electronic efficiency

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Improve HR processes with secure central electronic storage.


Ensure security and compliance

Organisations need to handle sensitive employee information with great care. Ricoh’s solution helps protect confidential information from loss or abuse with secure role-based access rights to electronic files.

Legal compliance is made easier with accurate indexing and audit trails, version management and check-in/ check-out*, while secure electronic storage simplifies compliance with document retention and destruction regulations.

Accelerate processing

Speed up often-lengthy end-to-end processes like recruitment by allowing curricula vitae and other documents to be quickly and easily retrieved and sorted. Provide instant, secure access to centrally stored electronic documents to enable faster authorisations from managers across the business. Documents can be easily captured and converted to a searchable, indexed digital format and can be viewed in over 300 different file formats.

Reduce costs

Employees can spend many costly hours manually searching for lost or misplaced paper documents. Instant access to an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository reduces manual processes, administration and storage costs.

*Available with Server Option

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