Fleet Records

Compliance, security and management of vehicle documentation made simpler.

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Centralise and simplify control of fleet records with electronic management.


Simplify legal compliance

The Ricoh solution provides fast, easy scanning or electronic capture and centralised storage that ensures easy search and retrieval of all documents relating to vehicles used for company business. It enables accurate indexing, audit trails and version management* that aid compliance with appropriate legal regulations. All relevant vehicle and driver documentation including insurance, safety checks and licensing can be matched up and monitored for critical updates, helping maintain a safe and productive fleet.

Reduce business costs

Easy access to an accurately indexed, centrally managed electronic repository eliminates the need for manual matching and processing of vehicle documents – which reduces administration and physical storage costs. Costs can be further reduced by sending and receiving documents electronically online or via a network.

Accelerate processes, free up time

Centralised electronic document management means more can be achieved in less time. It accelerates fleet management processes, such as insurance claims, with real-time access to electronic documents, which reduces the time spent manually searching for and chasing critical documents.

*Available with Server Option

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    Reduce costs and improve cash flow with centralised logistics management.


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