Document Governance

Simplify management, monitoring and control of document infrastructure

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Protect company documents, speed up processing AND save money? Watch this video to find out how

To maximise efficiency and reduce costs by up to 40%, take cost-efficient control of the document environment with an integrated suite of applications and tools


Reduce operational costs

  • Maximise procurement efficiency with an all-in-one application suite from a single world class vendor.

  • Use quotas to enforce maximum usage of devices and ensure the most cost effective settings.

  • Reduce operational expenditure and save time and money by simplifying management, monitoring and control for IT administrators.

  • Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction with a Unified User Interface.
    Improve processes

  • Make it easy for staff to scan and distribute documents digitally to improve company-wide document access and workflow. 

  • Increase accuracy and improve employee collaboration and productivity by making information quickly available.

Protect sensitive documents

  • Keep confidential documents away from unauthorised viewing with the document release feature that restricts output to document owners only.

  • Merge vulnerable paper documents into secure digital workflows.

Simplify complex compliance issues

  • Fulfil the need for well documented and consistent processes.

  • Use accurate and comprehensive tracking for proof of compliance and access job log by users for audit purposes.

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