Contract Management

Make document search and retrieval easier and faster.

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Take control of contract management with central electronic storage that provides real-time access and opportunities for greater efficiency, security and customer satisfaction.


Improve security

Integrated role-based system with audit/logging trails*and electronic backup for business continuity help control access to centrally stored documents and aid compliance, with contract information safeguarded from loss or abuse.

Strengthen negotiating positions

Higher quality management of information gives a stronger position in negotiations, leading to more efficient resolutions.

Manage change with greater precision

Document version control* ensures up-to-date information accuracy with check-in / check-out services, helping to manage changes.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency

Centralised electronic storage enables more efficient, centralised contract management.

Don’t search: find

Paper and digital document conversion allows easy capture and conversion of documents to a readily searchable, indexed digital format. Over 300 different file formats can be viewed.

Minimise manual indexing

Use full or zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to reduce time-consuming manual indexing at the desktop.

Improve service and customer/supplier relationships

Greater efficiency, accuracy and security all build more confident, rewarding and satisfying relationships between staff, end users and suppliers.

*Available with the Server Option

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