Accounts Receivable; Archiving

Improve customer service with fast, centralised invoice archiving.

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Capture electronic images of printed invoices, to centrally store easily accessible versions that exactly mirror those sent to customers.


Enhance service with ‘customer view’

Composite views of invoices allow staff to see exactly what the customer sees – enhancing customer satisfaction.

Save time on access and retrieval

Centralised electronic storage with powerful search capabilities enables instant access and retrieval of invoices and related documents from a central repository.

Ensure customer confidentiality

Integrated role based security ensures only the right people access the right information. 
Aid compliance and efficiency

Version management, with check-in / check-out and audit trail* aids compliance with company and regulatory requirements and ensures only up-to-date documents are used.

More efficient workflow

Send copies of documents instantly via email/ fax, and move documents into a status folder, as well as escalate and add comments.

Reduce operating costs, accelerate response times

Improve service and reduce operating costs by enabling faster processing of enquiries.

Web access module (option)

View documents from remote locations.

*Available with the Server Option

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