Accounts Payable

Streamline accounts payable processes with electronic document management.

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Capture, centrally process, approve and archive supplier invoices more cost-efficiently, with a solution that automates time-consuming manual tasks for easy management of supplier invoices.


Save money on manual processes

Automated invoice capture with full or zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cuts down costly, time consuming manual processes by routing invoices into secure electronic storage usually via an MFP.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with centralised electronic storage

Provides instant, real-time access to business critical invoices and enables efficient search, retrieval, auditing, archiving and on-demand status reporting. Accounts Payable Clerks and all staff involved in the authorisation process have access to invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes to support line items in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Build confidence with robust security and compliance

Enjoy accurate, trackable, transparent processes with faster, more accurate archiving. Integrated role-based access rights, audit trails, version management and check-in / check-out* services improve confidentiality, regulatory compliance and customer confidence.

Gain efficiency in annotation and distribution of documents

With digital authorisation documents can be moved and annotated according to a company’s authorisation process.

 *Available with the Server Option

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