Ricoh Process Efficiency Index

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Examining the efficiency of business critical document processes in Europe

Business critical document processes are an essential part of any organisation. These processes directly impact businesses interactions with a company’s customers and employees, as well as having significant cost implications for the organisation as a whole.

The Ricoh Process Efficiency Index reveals that European businesses could be missing out on potential profit increases of €46 billion, due to the inefficient, largely manual, processing methods currently used to process information. The Index also shows that employees who manage business critical document processes spend approximately 362 million hours per year on the function, which amounts to an overall annual business investment of €147 billion.

The above figures highlight how processing inefficiencies are having a direct impact on Europe’s ability to compete in the global economy. This whitepaper outlines the impact of outdated document processes on European businesses, the steps that European businesses are taking to improve them and the subsequent business efficiency gains CIOs can realize.

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