Economist Intelligence Unit report: Sponsored by RICOH

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The Ricoh perspective: Productivity in a changing business environment

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Future drivers for corporate productivity
Managed Document Services 

Ricoh understands that today's challenging economic climate has forced virtually every organization in the world to closely examine how they do business in order to uncover new ways to drive operational efficiencies. Successful global businesses are focusing on a number of factors to enhance productivity, including managing human capital and leveraging existing and emerging technologies to facilitate employee effectiveness. With Ricoh's Managed Document Services (MDS), approach, we identify new operating efficiencies for our customers by looking at the people, processes, and technologies within a business and optimising each element together.

Ricoh believes that to address critical future challenges, businesses will need to look closely at how they manage their information and harness the power of that information as a core company asset.  Ricoh helps our customers become more responsive to the continual flow of information to improve decision making and to drive their business forward more rapidly. To realize the productivity promise of new technologies and new processes, efficient businesses engage change management professionals to focus on end-user strategy adoption to achieve sustainable results. At Ricoh, we believe this sustainable approach to managing information capital more efficiently is all about making sure employees get access to the right information at the right time in the right form ... wherever they are.

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