Scanning and Archiving

Achieve more by scanning and archiving your documents for easier access.

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In Depth

Discover more about the services Ricoh can provide and how they can help maximise efficiency at every stage of the process and how we can do everything your business needs.

At a glance: typical scanning and archive services

  • Back-end scanning – documents are scanned at the end of the customer’s business process. This is normally carried out for electronic archiving of business records 

  • Front-end scanning – documents are scanned on receipt by the customer and delivered into the appropriate business process using workflow, email or other electronic delivery systems 

  • Mid-process scanning –  when a document needs to be signed to authorise the next stage of the process 

  • Hard copy archiving – used where documents need to be kept in hard copy format 

  • Electronic archiving – documents or records are stored electronically, either in an application format (e.g. MS Word) or as an image (e.g. scanned) in an electronic repository 

  • Combining electronic and hard copy archiving – where an organisation perceives greater confidence with a tangible paper record but wants the speed and accessibility of an electronic system 

  • Administration – records management, reporting, expediting, customer support, priority management and a help desk 

  • Scanning and archive process – quick summary of the process, from receipt of documents to archiving or shredding

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