Merging mail and print rooms to deliver 30% savings.

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An essential hub in any organisation, your mail room could have an even more vital role to play as part of a wider Managed Document Services strategy. And by integrating the Mail Room and Print Room operations - as well as other document processes - the cost savings can be substantial.

In Depth

Mail Sorting

Ricoh can manage every aspect of mail-sorting, with mail typically divided into the following categories:

  • Junk mail – this can include flyers, free newspapers and circulars 

  • Private and confidential mail 

  • Value mail – as described above, this needs to be recorded and tracked 

  • Mail for opening – sometimes items of mail need to be opened in the mail room 

  • Regular mail – passed on for secondary sorting 

  • Our technology is available to augment the sorting process, including scanning, OCR readers, bar coders and automatic sorters. There are also voice guided sorting solutions available

Collection and Delivery (Mail Rounds)

Once the mail has been sorted, it is delivered by Ricoh staff to either the recipients’ desks or, more typically, to designated mail drop points around a business.

We can also align value mail and courier deliveries to mail rounds, organise ad-hoc deliveries as required, or notify the recipient that a package has been received and that he/she should visit the mail room to collect it.


Outbound mail is equally as important as inbound. So we’ve got a range of processes including:

  • Separating national and international mail 

  • Segregating into different weight-based and size-based price bands 

  • Segregating into different delivery time-based price bands

We then bag and label ready for collection or deliver to the sorting office, together with any necessary paperwork.


The administration function is a key element of our managed service. The duties are often shared but the site manager will ensure they are completed competently and professionally. The duties include:

  • Managing suppliers 

  • Managing the workload in accordance with SLAs and agreed priorities 

  • Assembling the monthly report of SLAs and other management information 

  • Facilitating the courier service 

  • Providing assistance to other staff to cater for volume fluctuations 

  • Ensuring that all work is carried out by appropriately trained staff 

  • Meeting and greeting walk up customers

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