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Thanks to our flexible and innovative approach, you can now maintain the control and independence of an in-house print room, while at the same time achieving significant cost reductions, efficiency gains and accessing expertise in the latest technology. And we can help turn your print room into a vital component that adds value to your company – a true corporate asset.

In Depth

Beyond the Traditional Print Room.

Like everything else, the traditional print room has had to move with the times. Now it’s about much more than just printing.

Typical services of a print room now include:

  • Photocopying – duplicating existing hard copy documents, including wide format 

  • Reprographic Printing – this service provides bulk printing from electronic document files 

  • Document Finishing – documents that have been printed or copied can be enhanced with a number of different post-printing services such as binding, folding etc 

  • Offset Print Management – a service to advise, price, order and deliver sub-contracted offset print 

  • Fleet Management – this includes help desk support for all fleet copier issues as well as a managed relationship with the manufacturer to support maintenance, churn, repair and refreshment of all fleet copiers on contract 

  • Administration – including reporting, customer support, priority management and a help desk 

  • Marketing –  Central Reprographics Department which can provide significant efficiency savings

There’s also a range of services that you can operate using hardware, sub-contractors and a team of trained staff, including

  • Architecture of your Print Room 

  • Review and implementation of the layout of a printing facility. This can increase productivity if it’s designed to follow the workflow  

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