CRD/Print Room

Everything you need. In-house and on-demand.

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Thanks to our flexible and innovative approach, you can now maintain the control and independence of an in-house print room, while at the same time achieving significant cost reductions, efficiency gains and accessing expertise in the latest technology. And we can help turn your print room into a vital component that adds value to your company – a true corporate asset.


Solutions that make business sense.

Ricoh provides print room services and solutions for any size of business. Our expertise and flexibility means we can offer any level of service and support - from shared resources which maximise cost efficiency to dedicated experts in your business sector.

So while your business needs might vary widely, our tailored services can support a wide range of business types including: 

  • Marketing oriented businesses who need to provide high quality personalised, targeted communications to enhance marketing effectiveness and build stronger customer relationships

  • Multi-location businesses that need to exchange physical and electronic documents frequently

  • Transaction oriented businesses responsible for handling communications across complex interactions, often with short processing times

  • Security focused businesses dealing with customer data and sensitive information

  • Sustainability focused businesses aimed at reducing waste and carbon

  • Businesses that need to meet increasingly complex compliance requirements

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