I-invoicing - Accounts Receivable

Benefit from electronic invoices now while your customers continue to receive invoices in a way that suits them.

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Case Study: global sports brand outsources total invoice management, saves €3 million.

Knowing how important invoicing is to the business process, and faced with a €4 million bill for mailing 4.5 million invoices a year, the sports brand wanted to replace its paper-based process and manual postage with an electronic alternative.

The solution was to outsource the entire accounts retrievable process to Ricoh, to ease the transition from paper to electronic process over three years, with the transition to e-invoicing for delivery and retrieval going via secure account connection using portal.

Results included greater peace of mind, with Ricoh assuming responsibility for delivering and coordinating the software and systems for the bespoke service. Accounts Receivable became fully integrated with the legal archive arrangement, and the estimated cost saving is €3 million.

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