Unix/Linux Environment

Fuller printing capability. Ricoh laser printers and MFPs support Unix/Linux system environments.

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In Unix and Linux environments it is often hard to enable access to all the capabilities of a printing device. It usually demands a skilled Unix systems engineer to write a script that sets up a printer so all its features can be accessed to print documents from Unix/Linux applications. Gestetner Aficio™ laser printers and Multi-functional Products (MFP) support multiple Unix and Linux system environments with an installer program. It enables your Unix or Linux users to fully use all these devices' features without having to write scripts. With Gestetner's Unix/Linux solution, your Gestetner Aficio™ printer or MFP is truly Unix/Linux Ready. 

  • Supports multiple paper trays, different paper stock, accessible without user intervention, mailbox option with output bin designation support, finishing with punching and stapling possible

  • Duplex printing with multiple paper direction is supported

Solution for:

  • Engineering departments  

  • Higher education  

  • Multiple vendor enterprise systems  

  • E-business applications  

For availability please check with your local Gestetner supplier.

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